Thursday, January 01, 2009

happy 2009

I was thinking I would sit down today to do a reflection on how I fared with last year's resolutions. Then I realized going through the archives it would appear I didn't make any, at least not publicly on this blog. And if I made them personally, I don't remember what they were. So much for the reflection plan.

However, 2008 was a pretty crazy year for me both personally and professionally. Ringing in the New Year last year at a wedding with H, dating for just barely a month, I never would have imagined how different our lives would be this year at the same time.

Things I did for the first time in 2008:
  • rode a zip line
  • bought a house
  • painted a deck
  • hosted a party where guests really were expected to bring nothing
  • visited Wilkie
  • learned how to ballroom dance
  • agreed with a student that my assignment was unnecessary
  • traveled to Chicago
  • got engaged
  • bought shoes on the internet
  • took a real summer holiday
  • stuck to my Christmas budget
  • watched live election coverage (twice!)
I actually think this list is a little longer but I can't seem to remember anything else right now. Here's to 2009 being yet another year of firsts!

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