Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Post numero un

Alright. So I have decided to start blogging. I feel like I'm falling more and more behind with staying in touch with people since I've gotten home from Japan, and I enjoy reading my friends' blogs immensely. Really you guys, it makes my day to feel like I know what's going on in your lives and to be able to "participate" from afar. Also, hopefully this will become less of a daunting project than writing my group emails was. Seriously, those things took time! I can't promise too much, especially in the way of pictures, but I hope to update anytime I have something to say. Okay, not that often, I have a lot to say. If nothing else, my posts won't loom in your inboxes like reading homework.


rach said...

Hey lady

Yay blog! Love it. I know that I will prolly hear a lot of it first hand but it will be just as funny to read it the second time around.

Now the question is...will I have a supporting role or bit part in your blog?

marla said...

i finally have time to read your blog...yay! this means you now have to update it lots and lots to keep me entertained/updated. deal?

miss ya!