Tuesday, July 25, 2006

oh oprah!

It's tough to hate Oprah. I don't really watch her show a whole lot, but I still know she does good work. What with all the charities, and the giving. Her teacher show, how cool would that be? I like free stuff, I love free stuff for teachers! Well all free stuff that's useful I guess.

Anyway. Oprah keeps doing shows on bras. She has a mission - that women start wearing good bras. Ones that fit. Now some of you may have missed the memo where my mom bought a lingerie shop. She did, it's good times, I help her and get paid in underwear. Almost like free stuff. Mom's shop just so happens to sell what everyone refers to as "the Oprah bra." Which isn't really accurate, Oprah simply plugged the bra, she didn't actually design it or anything. Tis the power of Oprah. Since April, I've tried on many bra, but never the Oprah. Why not? Well how good could it actually be. There are much more cute bras that mom sells that are pretty wonderful.

Last week Mom receives a huge shipment of Oprah bras and suggests I actually try one on while she actually has my size in stock (seriously people, the population is nuts for these bras). Wanting to be underwhelmed with a craze (and kinda liking the chocolate brown colour that's come out) I agree to try it on. Damn you Oprah, why do you always have to be right about things? It's like magic. So much lift, so much support, so many question as to why other bras exist. I gladly swap the bra I was wearing for my new Oprah bra with no regrets.

While it's pretty darn crazy the influence Oprah has on folks, at least she's loving good shit. It's tough to hate that.

the stagette

So Maid of Honour duty continues. This time a little more up my alley. Plan a stagette. I've also never been to a stagette, but to entertain my best friend while getting her drunk seemed like a much less daunting task than entertaining her aunts.

Now I know stagette's are normally a little on the outrageous side. Strippers, costumes, that whole "party like it's the last time you'll ever be single" thing. However, we're not really outrageous people. And well, Rach hasn't been single for 5 and some years (and when she was, she wasn't a bar whore... thank goodness!) so while I think there were maybe a few guests who were hoping for a more traditional stagette, it seemed only fitting we do it up our style.

Sadly, many of our friends have moved away. Too far away to come home for a Friday evening, no matter how much fun was planned. Don't worry, we don't love you any less. You did miss out on good times, but we forgive you. All in all a happy 9 some gathered at my place to start the evening off. A few bumps in getting us all there on time (hello folks, Lise and I had an itenerary!) but we still managed to accomplish all the fun we had planned.

To start, instead of costumes we leid all of our guests. Then, some chatting and munchies. The down to business. Presents! We had Rach open her presents and then guess who got her what. Shots for Rach if she guessed wrong, shots for the buyer if she guessed right. Rach drank a lot. Here's Rach showing off some nice undies she received.

Then, it was off to our cars for a scavenger hunt! Is there anything more fun? Well possibly, but this ranks pretty high on my list of fun things to do I tell you. Lise and I carefully crafted this scavenger hunt to reflect on Rach's life - from birth to marriage. We scoured Saskatoon for things she loved, that loved her or that caused entertainment to us. Special cheers to the dude at Fudd's who let us all make milkshakes! The following (for those of you who can't tell for some reason...) is a pregnant Sydney Bristow punching out Parkstar, a deadly teacher spy up to no good in Wal-Mart.

Rach's team came out on top (as is only fair I suppose...). Seriously though, when your team's name is "Two brain tumours and a blonde" is there any way you can win? We gave it our best effort, but both HAS and Van have holes in their heads (which they took turns feeling while we were driving between places I might add.) Still good times. Losers (us) bought the winners (not us) shots later.

We rallied back at my place to play a few drinking games before heading out to shake our booty. We took a bit of a gamble and returned to one of our old haunts, and boy did it pay off. Who knew the Hose was still so much fun? Stellar old school dancing fun played non-stop from start to stop. It was so much fun we had trouble getting off the dance floor to get more drinks on several occasions. Now that's some good times. In stagette spirit, we made Rach wear a spinner around her neck. Boys paid a dollar to spin her wheel and have Rach perform a task. Winning task? Pinch a bum. Rach did pinch a lot of bums that night. She pinches with style in case you were wondering. The style of a lady who is no longer on the market. Super-style you might say.

Everyone had had enough of the fun and dancing, but Rach and I decided to persist in our fun having. We arrived at Diva's just in time to do one last shot, and enjoy some more good dancing music. And desperation. So half dancing, but a little on the tired side, Rach and I are sitting/dancing on the side of the dance floor. We're spotted by two boys. Straight boys. Instantly hopeful. They try dancing with us. One dude, obviously more perceptive than the other loses interest immediatly and leaves his friend to fend for himself. He's persistent. He wants to dance with us. We want none of it. Perceptive friend returns to tell Desperate that he's leaving. Desperate doesn't want to give up, he tells Perceptive he'll find his own way home. Rach is uncomfortable. So I step up and perform what is probably the most important Maid of Honour duty yet (and this is not taking one for the team I might add). "Ummm, so ya. If you're hoping on getting some tonight you should probably go with your friend. You see, this is my friend's stagette and she's getting married in a week and that's my boyfriend standing there in the booth." Desperate doesn't even pretend like he just wants to dance with us, he hightails it out of the bar to the sound of Sean-o whooting and Sher(the other DJ) laughing manically. Apparently you hear very well in the booth due to crazy accoustics. Thank you Desperate for making our evening just that much better. Please, stop by anytime.

Shortly after Sean-o drove us home safely. That's right kids, don't forget to be responsible with your fun having!

Michelle:2 , Brooch:0 Boo-ya!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

a pleasant surprise

Procrastination is one of my favourite passtimes. No surprise then that today while trying to accomplish things on my google to do list, that I decided to insert "roll coin" before accomplishing "start planning A30." The tin I store coin in has been overflowing for awhile, Rach and I are taking a trip to Calgary this weekend that I will surely spend more money on than I can technically afford, you understand how rolling coins can quickly become a priority.

A $173 priority! I had no idea my little tin could hold so much goodness! I'd say I should roll coin more often, but suddenly having an extra $173 is way more fun. So all totalled with the other coin I rolled awhile ago, I've "earned" myself an extra $224.50 to spend on clothes and house stuff. Whoot! That's 30min well spent.

The only question I have is if there is some very good reason Canada does not have the most wonderful "coin depositors" that Japan has at every single bank machine. Seriously, why do we need to count and roll coin? There exists wonderful little machines that do this for you. You just pour in up to 50 coins at a time and the ATM does the rest. I'm sure the banks have them in the back, why must they keep them from the public? It's not like it's state of the art brand new technology... We're on friendly terms with Japan now, they could send over a boatload with the next shipment of Razors or Wegas... *sigh*

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

things you don't want to wake up to #46

I will be the first one to say that I'm not much of a morning person. My mom will jump in screaming second. Anyway, so I'm not very awake during the whole getting ready and showering thing. Sure the shower helps a little, but not to the extent I get the impression some people benefit from their morning showers. Turns out, to be fully wakened, I need a moth to fly out of my towel as I'm about to wrap it around me. Works like a charm. 100% fully awake, adrenaline going, take that Tim's and Red Bull!

A MOTH? Well I think it was a moth, I don't shower with my glasses and it was never recovered... What exactly was a moth doing in my towel? Maybe more importantly, where is said moth hiding now? Why couldn't it just flap around a light until I could make Sean-o kill it for me or trap it under a glass like my previous house guest? Mostly I hope it's not off reproducing itself so I have a family of moths to deal with. Yuck.

it's a shower!

I think you are supposed to know what the duties of a Maid of Honour are before you accept said position. I didn't know, I still accepted. Luckily, Rach isn't crazy so I wasn't expected to plan or pay for her wedding. Also, my mom liked to randomly tell me what I should be doing. Rach liked this, seeing as then she didn't have to tell me herself.

One of the duties was to plan "the shower." Never having been to a wedding shower before, I don't really think I'd have been my own first choice of planner, but Rach had full confidence. And really, how badly can you mess up a shower?

It turns out, it's very hard to mess up a shower indeed. Really, I went with the assumption that we were making the older ladies happy and giving them a chance to give presents and visit. Good assumption! My stellar skills in getting other people to do work for me also came in handy. Lise planned the games, Mrs Webster provided beverages, and I got food from Costco. Turns out those are the ingredients for a successful shower.

Michelle: 1, Brooch 0

(Rachel's threat being that if I was a bad Maid of Honour she make me wear a brooch, a very ugly brooch)

catch up time

Well it would appear I finally have some time in which to properly catch up on my blogging. Maybe I will try to do this in order, but let's face it, I'm so behind I barely remember what order any of this happened in...

Rach has gone and gotten herself a blog now - complete with pictures. I guess I should figure out how those work as well... One thing at a time people!