Wednesday, November 16, 2005

mmm bop!

In case some of you have forgotten the love that is mmm bop is, let me remind you :
"mmm bop, bee doo bee dop, bah doo wap, boo doo bah dop"
Thank you Hanson brothers/sisters - they may be married but it still is quite possible they're not boys...

I digress. My school is raising money. Money for people in Uganda. Hopefully $500 for people in Uganda. Quickly. This is where the Hanson boys come in. The SRC is going to play the song "mmm bop" by Hanson every single break, between every single class until the school raises $500.

Brilliant! I love it! We're on day one of the fundraising campain and already there are gangsta looking students humming mmm bop in the the halls. No one with any kind of "street cred" would be caught dead humming Hanson. The fine folks in Uganda will have their money before Christmas! A big yay to the school in Edmonton who's idea this was, I'm a huge fan of annoying people into giving up their money.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005


Now hopefully I won't run into any more people who haven't seen Empire Records (maybe the best movie in the world...) so that you can all have an idea of who GWAR is. If not, well that's what google exists for.

So GWAR was at the Odeon yesterday. I worked. Now, before I went to work I knew there was going to be some insanity. We'd been warned to wear clothes we could get wrecked cause of the fake blood spraying. I knew they were planning on "plastic wrapping" the Odeon. I'd "seen" them on Empire Records. You'd think I'd have been prepared, this of course was not the case. Thinking I was prepared probably made me even less prepared.

So I get to work. While I knew the place was to be plastic wrapped, for some reason my mind obviously was rejecting that as reality. Boy was I surprised when if really was plastic wrapped. The Odeon is 3 stories tall. The plastic went all the way to the top. The dance area was completely covered in carpet and mats. There really was no exposed space in the whole front area. I started to get a little worried at what I'd gotten myself into.

Happily, I was scheduled to work the landing bar. This was a really good thing in my opinion - not for it's money making possibilities - but for it's distance from the insanity. It would be very difficult to spray me with anything if I was at the landing bar.

Doors open. It would appear if you go to a GWAR show, it is mandatory that you wear a black t-shirt declaring your love for GWAR or another suitable heavy metal band. If you could not afford a real band shirt, it was acceptable to make one. In visiting with the patrons, it was obvious everyone was excited. Think of how excited a 14yr old girl would be if you told her she could meet Justin Timberlake or Hillary Duff. This is the excitement of GWAR fans. They were basically vibrating from excitement. If you could bottle that excitement, we could have powered Saskatoon for a year. Take that SaskPower!

GWAR finally makes the stage. Whoa. They are gianormous. I wasn't actually expecting them to be wearing their costumes for some reason. I really wasn't expecting their costumes to make them 8' tall. Here's where the bad part of working at the landing bar comes in - I couldn't see anything. Not that I had a lot of customers by this point, so I kept sneaking out to see what was going on. So yes, GWAR is this crazypsycho costumed group. Something like pokemon warriors meets transformers meets the devil meets steroids meets g-strings (oh yes, their costumed selves wear g-strings). I have no idea how they don't pass in those things or how they play music. So if this wasn't enough, GWAR is really crazy musical theater. Their sets have a story line - they play songs and then make fun of and kill public figures. The first victim was President Bush. They eviscerated him on stage. At least that cleared up my curiousity as to why they spray blood all over the crowd. I got to see the bit where his intestines were being pulled out along with the rest of his organs. They also killed in various ways Sharon Osborne, Michael Jackson and one other person. At some point in time green goo was involved.

Their fans loved it! I'd never seen so many people happy to have ruined their clothes. Some of them were more than happy, they were proud! It's some kind of status symbol to be able to get the most guck on you. Clearly this states your dedication to GWAR and killing stupid people (that part I kind of understand...). Besides, the fact that these people managed to dye black red is pretty amazing all in itself. Just think of how wet you have to get to dye black. Oh ya, that was 500 people last night at the Odeon. Then imagine me trying to walk between these people at the end of the night without touching anyone for fear the love of GWAR is contagious or something. If I was Marla there is no doubt I would have slipped on the goo and made a spectacular fall into a group of dripping, vibrating fans. It was pretty entertaining.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005


I just thought I'd let you know that I officially have the internet in my new domicile. This is pretty exciting for a girl who is over a full month behind on all the tv she watches. Maybe less exciting for my cooworkers - no more covering my ears signing songs and doing strange chair dances to avoid hearing info I don't want to know yet for me! How the dancing helps? that's for me to know, thank you.

Today was a rather eventful day in period 3. Somehow a student managed to "spill" a slurpee on my floor, down my bulletin board, and on my ceiling. This mislead soul can't add, but he sure knows how to spill up. To make this story even better, while he's cleaning up a brawl almost erupts between him and another typically good natured student. I've pieced the dialogue together and I believe it may have gone something like this (I really only heard the last bit, I was handing back exams at the front of the room):
Slurpee spiller - student is mopping the floor, wiping the ceiling and wall...
Other student "hey, you better do a better job, you missed a bit"
SS "do it yourself if you don't like it"
OS"fuck you"
(I never did find out what SS said here)
OS: "Well I'm not the fucking retard who fucking spilled it in the first place, fuck!"
This is where I clued in and kicked them both out. The admin was in to talk to my class later... never a dull moment...

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

the reader's digest edition

stay tuned for the full stories later...

so in the spirit of trying to get this thing updated- something is better than nothing ne? - real stories to come asap.
since my last post i have (in no particular order):
- gone on a canoe trip to nistoyiak falls with 5 students
- become an "adult ally" for feehan's youth action circle
- continued teaching
- worked an insane amount of hours at the odeon (one cheque had 40 hours on it...)
- moved into a house with a roommate (odeon employee and public system teacher)
- had parent-teacher interviews
- worked saturday nights at diva's
- attended two conferences, one in saskatoon and one in regina
- attended a stagette in moose jaw
- joined an adult ballet class
- completed my professional growth plan for the year
- most likely driven my boyfriend crazy more times than he can count-he claims to love me anyway : )
- turned 25
- finally finished reading "a complicated kindness"
- bought a new bed
- gone to the ballet twice (swan lake and dracula)
- saw the arcade fire and wide mouth in concert

well i'm sure there's more but i'm drawing blanks so til later.