Wednesday, May 17, 2006

if i was on death row...

I would want my last meal to be the bridesmaid's dinner we had at my house. Amazing! Instead of the typical bridesmaid's brunch, Rach planned a catered dinner at my house. This dude (I guess I should call him chef) was fan-freaking-tastic! Not to mention he brought everything, including dishes to my house, left no mess, and left me over half a chocolate torte and strawberries in my fridge. All for much cheaper than going out for a nice meal. Not that I was paying, but still. Go dude!

Course #1 - Lady bug salad
Best salad ever! It had a ladybug in it. A big one. It was a peeled tomato with black spots and antenna. So cute. Said adorable lady buy was nestled in the corner, appreciating our tasty greens and the delectable maple dijon dressing it dressed with.

Course #2 - Chicken and veggies
Not just any chicken, chicken stuffed with cream cheese. Very tastily spiced cream cheese. If you have never stuffed a chicked with cream cheese, I'd suggest you do it ASAP. It's like stuffing your supper with love. With the love, we had purple mashed potatoes. To quote Rachel "I never knew purple tasted so good." The were Japanese sweet potatoes and some kind of yam. I wasn't super crazy about the texture (though no one else noticed) but they were tasty. Also, some of the best asparagus I've ever eaten.

Course #3 - Chocolate torte
Now it's impossible to go wrong by feeding me chocolate. It's a given I will love it. However, you can make me LOVE it if you serve it on a banana leaf garnished with strawberries and pineapple.

Best supper ever.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

best day ever

The same day I was planning on quitting the Odeon, I went in to visit/help my mom at her new store. Turns out, she wasn't very busy and didn't need my help. While chatting, I noticed a draw box on the counter. I went to enter my name in said draw box. Mama Parker stopped me.
"You can't do that, you're family" she scolded.
Defiant as ever, I proceeded to enter in Rach's name, followed by my phone number. For good measure I entered 3 times.
"What are you going to do if they phone you and ask for Rach?" queried Mama, not overly pleased.
"Say hello" seemed the obvious answer.

After visiting for awhile longer, I was running a little late in getting ready for work. This is of course why my phone rang, I had no time to answer the phone. Awesomely enough, they asked for Rach. I remembered, and played along, thinking I had won some lipgloss or a gift certificate. No, not on the best day ever. That simply wouldn't do on the day I was quitting the Odeon. I in fact won a $1000 shopping spree at the Scotia center mall. So great. I was minutes late for work, choas abounded, I didn't care.

(For those of you who don't know about the Scotia mall, $1000 is always wonderful, but there are really only 6ish stores in it... I'm sure I'll manage)

take that odeon!

I've finally quite the Odeon. After over a year of caring and putting in effort to a job where my boss clearly had no appreciation for his staff, I quit. While the working conditions slowly got better and the returned to worse again, it wasn't really that that did it in for me. The owner's lying, and inability to even understand he was lying was the end. It's one thing to lie to customers, one thing to cheat people out of money. He's greek, it's what they do. The lying to and about his staff, staff that only ever tried to help his business was the final straw. Silly man, you can't pretend you're telling the truth when I WAS THERE for what happened. I quit at 2am on a day where I made $300 in tips. It was awesome. He proceeded to lie about how I quit to remaining staff (Oh Nick, will you never learn...). I did feel really bad for the new manager and went back in for one 1.5hr shift where I trained someone and showed her a couple things. However, I am free! It's wonderful. I still keep in touch with all the wonderful people I worked with (80% of whom have also quit, 10% who are in the process of finding a new job) and I never have to work there again. Take that Odeon, I hope you go bankrupt before the Junos.