Monday, September 12, 2005

I love green?

It was bound to happen. 12ish years of doing laundry, and I had to have a laundry mishap of large proportions. No, I couldn't just stick by my tradition of shrinking something every 6 months or so. There must be dye involved. Lots of dye. Unremovable dye. Green dye.

Now blog title aside, isn't the classic thing to do dye a load of whites a pretty pink colour? That's what you were expecting I bet. No one expects to dye a load full of colours a shade of strange green. Especially the washer. Especially a washer who's already washed everything in the wash before, with no mishaps. As I was pulling my laundry out of the washing machine, I was beginning to think my eyes were doing funny things. Anything of a paler nature was strangely tinged. I looked up to investigate my light source, it was fine. I continued pulling out clothes, some were fine, some were not. I realised for sure that I was screwed when I pulled out a "turquoise" tank top purchased earlier in the summer. The only thing turquoise about it was the stiching on the inside. Somehow it managed to get bleached and then redyed the strange green colour. In a very even manner. What? How does that happen? My funny "Canada since 1982" shirt suffered the same fate - previously baby blue, presently "baby green."

I blame Thailand. They have created some kind of crazy dye out of hatred of annoying tourists. How else do you explain the time delayed ink running or the special slight bleaching properties or the dye? Sure they act all nice and lovey while they're selling you the fisherman's pants. This is because they know the 6th time you wash them you're screwed.

This is one pair of pants that cost me more than $3.

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