Wednesday, January 11, 2006

christmas fun

From December 1st to now has been one good time after another. December is such a happy month (unless you are a university student, which i happily am not). So much visiting, socialising and general goodwill towards men (and women). All this with my new paint and cleaner surroundings, the happiness never ends. Well I guess sometimes it does, but that's another post.

There were many casual gatherings, lots of hugs and laughs, and much wishing I could see every one who came home to visit on a more regular basis. I think I also wish every one was as happy as they are at Christmas at least one day a week. Don't get me wrong, Christmas time is pretty great, but would it kill people to be "christmas-y" the rest of the year as well? By the time Dec 28th rolls around people are already throwing out their elbows in the mall and on the sidewalks in an effort to prove they are busy, focused and most definitely mean business. Hey, I'm not doubting your business, but what's wrong with happy business?

This year was also a little different in that I spent a lot of time with my family and very little time running away from my family to be with friends. It was really nice. And probably a huge hint that I'm getting older and more responsible or something. Okay, just older. And of course there is the terribly delicious table full of goodies my Nan reals me in with. How do you say no to a table full of goodness? If you're me the answer is you don't. No use fighting a losing battle.

I spent a very nice New Years with friends at Sean-o's. Sean-o spun us some wicked tunes all evening and into the morning hours. That Sean-o, he sure can spin things. Things like plates and records. On New Years, it was mainly records. I shall credit the good music and company with my temporary abilities of staying up til crazy hours while not working.

In typical me style, I fell stupidly sick New Years day, and didn't wind up recovering for a full week. This did extend my holidays an extra two days, but considering I'd planned on doing at least a little work before going back to school, that wasn't quite the treat you'd think it was. The being at home part was good, the having to work extra hard now isn't quite as good. Aside from a massive coughing attack today in period 3, I'm pretty much back to healthy as it gets.

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