Friday, February 03, 2006

backwards ne?

Feeling safe is a funny thing. I've travelled to some pretty sketchy countries, I teach in a school where there are kids carrying knives, I don't always lock my doors etc. But, in general, I feel safe.

Until I see a police officer or police car that is. Since moving to City Park area, I haven't really ever felt unsafe either. Until of course, I see the cops. One morning, very early i might add, one was doing a walk around the apartment complex behind me. Kinda feaked me out. Didn't help that the policeman didn't say anything to me. Then, a week or so ago, as I was coming home there was a cop car driving s-l-o-w-l-y down my block. Totally freaked me out. I felt scared just walking from my car to my front door. I almost phoned my roommate to tell her to have her bf walk her to our door, until i re-thought what a paranoid freak she can be and decided that might cause her to have a heart attack AND move out on me.

My question is, what is wrong with out law-enforcement, that they make us feel unsafe instead of the opposite? Maybe this should just be "what is wrong with me"? I'm well aware I could keep rambling on here, but I should do something a little more productive than blog for a little bit. : )


bag marla said...

This probably won't make you feel any better, but I think it's just you... Cops don't make me feel unsafe (or safe either, I suppose)...they used to drive by my old apt. all the time (probably because I lived next to a crack house. A crack house that sent their customers to my landing to smoke the crack they bought) and it never bothered me (the cops, that is, not the cracking-smoking on my landing--I didn't like that very much at all, I won't lie). In fact, I thought it was kind of exciting. I always hoped for a big drug bust. I would have liked that a lot. But no such luck. Um, what was I talking about again? Oh, right, cops making you feel unsafe. Maybe you should try talking to the cops next time and asking them what's up??? I got nothin'. I'm crossing my fingers for a good old fashioned drug bust!!!

Heather said...

Just say hi ! Cops are nice people.