Thursday, March 23, 2006

life update

Well, I think maybe I should be more like Heather and make smaller more frequent posts. My big long rants just take too long so I never post anything. Hopefully I'll have some time to come back and elaborate on some of this, but in the meantime this is where February and March went.

- I had a wonderful one year anniversary with Sean (best b/f ever!)
- I organized a slightly less good Valentine's Day
- Went to Calgary with Rach
- Heather came to visit from Montreal
- Went winter camping with the outdoor ed club
- I was "promoted" to assisstant manager at the Odeon
- Got to visit with JJ when she passed through
- I've been pretty consistently almost sick for 2 months
- Survived another round of parent-teacher interviews
- Got crazy kinds of dying sick for one day (no news from the doctor, so all the tests must say I'm fine)
- Have bought a condo in Lakeview
- Had a job interview with the public system (I think it went well)

and all sorts of other little day to day stuff. Now I'm off to sign papers about the condo, tres exciting!

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