Monday, April 03, 2006

unit organisers

At the start of this semester I started a little experiment with 2 of my classes. I started making and using unit organisers after seeing another lady in my department use them. They seemed pretty close to something I was doing already - and of course looked much nicer. The first one was no fun at all to make up cause I had to translate the whole thing and figure out how to use power point (one of those days when I wish I'd retained a little more from uni). Now that I've got a French template all ready to go, they don't take me much time. I wasn't really convinced they were doing anything, however. Until today in my Math 20 class we started a new unit. Quadratic equations boo-ya! Anyway, I had a busy weekend and didn't have time to make up my new unit organiser. Which is of course why a student asked me if there was one for Unit 4. The important part is that she asked. So she must use it for something - even if it is just a divider for her notes. Yay, I'm doing something kinda useful in my classroom!

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Heather said...

Chelle, you are on Easter Break. You have time to Blog ! I want to check this blog like I do every day because I don't want to subscribe to bloglines and see some action on this page ! That's right, I am disapointed on a daily basis when I come to your page. So fix it ! I want to hear about all the fun things going on in Saskatoon.