Tuesday, March 20, 2007

not stabbed!

Just in case any of you were planning on watching the news tonight, I did not get stabbed. I trust the news will manage to at least convey the message that it was two males involved in the stabbing at my school, but just in case they only get the former student part down, said former student is not me. I would also like to think that were it me, they would call me a former student AND current teacher, but Global was first on the scene; nothing should be assumed.

I'm guessing the media is going to make a huge deal of out said stabbing. To be fair, it probably is the most interesting thing that happened in toon town today. However, a stabbing between the young gentlemen involved was just as likely to happen on 8th, in front of Safeway, or in Kilburn Hall. They are the kind of gentlemen who stab one another. The media, I'm sure, will be running with not so logical conclusions. Safety in schools! Gangs! Poor supervision! Bad teachers! Metal detectors! and so on and so forth pretending that the rest of the 1500 people in their general vicinity were somehow involved.

Our neighbouring Catholic school is probably holding a party right now, in anticipation of a higher grade nine enrollment next year. Their school didn't have a stabbing after all. Bah.

A real update (band trip!) maybe once interviews are over...

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Big Red said...

That other guy actually beat me to the punch. I left work early to go to your school and stab that guy in the knee. That bastard beat me to it and collected my bounty.