Wednesday, April 25, 2007

you want stress?

Dear coworker:

I am writing to inform you, that while previously I had doubts about your professional capabilities, I no longer hold any respect for you as a professional. Someone who cannot be trusted with a dainty tray and some fruit certainly can not be trusted with forming the minds of the next generation.

Mme Chelle

After school I received this email from a coworker who had already proved herself ridiculously unreliable, prompting me to write the above reply.

I need your help. Would you be able to help me tomorrow at lunch? I bought some snacks for our multi-school department meeting and they need to be organised. I'm all alone - [two other teachers] can't help me. I'm really stressed!

Woman, if I were you I would stay away from me. After this, you have NO idea what you're getting yourself into next time you ask me how it's going...


bag marla said...

That's too much! I'm really hoping she's stressed about something else!

fearless said...

I'm not sure if you noticed that it was for a MULTI-SCHOOL meeting. That sounds like a lot of snacks. Hopefully you rounded up some more people to help. I mean she was ALL ALONE!

chelle said...

All those snacks she needed help with? 2 (2!) precut fruit trays, with premade yogurt dip. So, she was stressed over removing 4 lids, which now that I think about it is totally reasonable. Removing lids alone is a tough job, and maybe I shouldn't have judged her so harshly.

bag marla said...

Oh sweet lord, I didn't think it could get better, but it did!