Saturday, September 29, 2007


I think all 8 of you who read this are aware I have a new roommate, she is often not around, but when she is she is full of awesomeness. For the purposes of this blog she shall henceforth be known as Invisible Roommate.

I finally crossed paths with my Invisible Roomate Thursday. She was basically home for a little bit to relax and pick stuff up to be gone again for another couple weeks. We caught up, and then she went to her boyfriend's before starting the marathon tour of SK an AL for work.

While living on my own, I developed habits of not closing doors, and not being particularly concerned about my state of dress. For Invisible Rommates sanity and general peace of mind, I keep my clothes on or close my door when they need to be removed. It's pretty easy to fall back into not doing these things when I know she's not home. Yes, I am aware I just admitted to being too lazy to close a door, even partially.

Imagine my surprise Friday morning as I am bent over a drawer wearing only my underwear to hear a very cheery "Good Morning!" from the hallway. It's not ideal to be scared shitless before you're fully awake in the first place, it's even less ideal if you have no clothes on and are further than an arm's length away from the door. I'm am also sure it's even more less ideal to have the first thing you see in the morning be your naked roommate. I need to work on the whole door thing.


Paul Burch said...

I have a new room mate. He left the living room drapes open this morning, leaving my neighbourhood open to a free display of my birthday suit. However - even after two weeks of deep fried food and beer - I don't care who sees what. I am what I am and to hell with them that don't like it. Haha.

sara_nrd said...

I am sooo going to be hearing about this at the family reunion.

Okay, not really.