Monday, June 09, 2008

life lessons

Some things I have learnt recently:
  • gardening isn't as bad as I thought, especially if it happens almost by magic
  • baking scoops are awesome (I bet they have a more technical name, but I don't know it)
  • Canadian Tire does not sell metal potato mashers
  • kids are just waiting for someone to call them on their BS, then they will pick up their socks (most of the time)
  • pink lemonade + cupcakes = delicious
  • females have to be twice as smart as males, even in the teaching profession, since for some reason we need to trick them into thinking everything was their idea.  this is not fair.
  • ordering shoes online rules
  • McNally has fabulous stationary
  • who you are willing to cry in front of at work is a good indication of who you trust and respect
  • picking my clothes up isn't that bad

1 comment:

Not So French Girl said...

Gardening is not as bad as I thought either. Especially when my dad comes over to mow my lawn !