Saturday, October 04, 2008

the terms of engagement

This past Tuesday marks an awfully special day - the day H decided to ask me to be his wife!  Of course I (quickly!) has to ask myself if I really wanted to spend the rest of my life with someone who:
  • brings me supper every Thursday when I am working.
  • has a mother who insists on filling our fridge with food at every available opportunity.
  • makes me put my clothes away.
  • plans and cooks fabulous meals several times a week.
  • suggested we take ballroom dancing together.
  • is wonderful to travel with.
  • wants to travel.
  • re-watches movies a billion times, no matter how terrible they were the first time.
  • makes my lunch.
  • watches all "my" tv shows with me, even the ones involving dancing.
  • uses google calendar for everything - including things like picking up our dry-cleaning.
  • washes the dishes at least once a day.
  • likes all my friends and family.
  • always gets blog posts done faster than me.
  • takes care of me when I am sick.
  • indulges in my need to pretend to budget.
  • bought me season tickets to Persephone just a month after we started dating.
  • insists on having no less than 30 bottles of wine on hand at any given time.
  • has fabulous friends who have welcomed me into their circle from day 1.
  • is always up for a concert, a ballet, a walk, and anything really.
  • is worth getting up 20 mins early to go for breakfast with.
  • listens to me blabber on and on and on and on about my job.
  • supports me unconditionally.
  • puts my water glass away before I'm done with it about 3 times a day.
  • cracks his knuckles constantly, even when he sleeps.
  • tells me he loves me before we fall asleep every night, when we wake up every morning, and multiple times a day.
  • is so much more than to me than I can express in a bulleted list.
The answer of course is YES.  Yes I want to be your wife, yes I want to spend the rest of my life with you, yes this post is way to sappy.

Clear your calendars for Oct 3, 2009 folks, that's the day I will officially be a wife!


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