Tuesday, January 06, 2009

le cafe

I love coffee.  Pretty much everything about it really - the way it smells, tastes, even just having the warm mug in my hands makes me happy.  Considering this, I don't drink a whole lot of it - typically one mug in the morning when I get to work, and somedays a second in the later part of the morning or early afternoon if I'm cold.

I do however, typically feel terrible in the mornings.  This, I attribute to the very nature of mornings, not a lack of caffeine.  However, not having done proper research this may be a faulty conclusion.  So, I have decided not to drink coffee for the next week, possibly two, to see if it makes getting up any easier.  

I'm biased to hope it won't, cause I will miss my morning coffee, but willing to test it out just in case.  An no, just going to bed earlier is not being considered as a variable for this experiment.


Mr. Beingessner said...


I only do one cup of coffee a day, but I, too, love EVERYTHING about it.

And I've decided there's nothing wrong with that.

Not So French Girl said...

I think I have to blog about this myself....

While there are many things to love about coffee, coffee breath is not one of them.

bag marla said...

You don't need coffee. Coffee's for chumps!

fearlessara said...

How did this work out? are your mornings any better? Or do you hate the coffee-less world?