Wednesday, May 20, 2009

things i am currently annoyed at

  1. Facebook asking me everyday "WILL YOUR DRESS FIT?!?"
    Now I am sure the makers of that particular advertisement are not actually yelling at me, but seeing that ad everyday for the last 8 months sure makes me feel like they are. Also, I feel annoyed that if someone keeps asking that question, you eventually start to wonder. Why are you trying to give me issues facebook? Why? I don't need to have body issues AND my dress will fit. You know, cause it has an adjustable back.
  2. Ridiculous articles on how to save money while planning your wedding during the recessions.
    At first glance this wouldn't seem like it was something that was annoying. And I keep reading them because I keep hoping they might be helpful. Wrong. Saving 10K on a 100K wedding is not "saving money during the recession" it's being 99.5 percent stupid instead of 1oo. Gah.
  3. The weather.
    nuff said.
  4. My neighbours garbage.
    Seriously, these people produce more garbage than a small apartment complex. The piles of trash behind your garbage can annoy me, and not just because it's sorta gross. It's 2009, RECYCLE. Something. I know we have to pay for our blue boxes, but as soon as we started using it we were down to one bag of garbage a week. If we get a compost box from the city, I'm not even sure we'll have garbage. Start small. Just start please.


Not So French Girl said...

Yikes! You know I would get a serious complex if the computer judged my weight daily.

fearlessara said...

Just take it as the computer judging your tailor, not judging your weight. Will your dress fit?!? Will your seams be straight!?! I assume that they're telling me about the pink patch because my tailor is going to leave a pink patch sized hole in my dress. Sooo relieved...

Anonymous said...

only you can take a rant and make it funny! I love the adjustable back comment! made me laugh!

fearlessara said...

Are your neighbours throwing out children?

chelle said...

children wouldn't be big enough. teenagers maybe? come to think of it, at this time of the year throwing out teenagers makes perfect sense!