Thursday, June 25, 2009

the swine

H and I both got sick very soon after our trip to New York. Because I (genetically) am lacking some tact and sensitivity and just generally don't know when to keep my mouth shut, we joked that we came home with the swine flu. Har har. Or oink oink rather.

Well wouldn't you know, H1N1 is now rampant in Saskatoon, and I'm fairly certain that this time around I actually have it. I'd just like to say it was more fun as a joke. Seriously, the speed at which this thing went through my school was frightening to say the least, even more so when doctors are more concerned about what the fall version of this bad boy is going to look like. I feel particularly bad for a friend of ours who it would appear I infected simply by looking at him at a wedding we both attended on the weekend. Sorry! Maybe you'll thank me if we're resistant in the fall?

One of the symptoms they forget to list on the WHO website is a little something I'd like to call "brain meltdown." It occurs when you have H1N1, but don't get in quite as much sleep or napping as you'd like. If calling it brain meltdown doesn't suit you, you can also call it "test your relationship with your ridiculousness." To his list of accolades, H can now add being very tolerant and patient towards a totally delusional and illogical fiancee for a week. He's going to be great with a toddler.

While I don't think I'll be running out to buy a "I survived H1N1" or "I survived The Swine" I am happy to be on the mend. Having the flu, no matter how novel a flu, is after all, having the flu.

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bag marla said...

It's making its rounds here too, and it sounds pretty nasty. Glad you're feeling better!!

See you soon!