Monday, June 19, 2006


Ok, I suck. I may be the worst blogger ever. I may or may not go back and blog in more detail about the last couple months, we'll see. From my last post til now, life has been total chaos and so far I'm managing to not let not blogging stress me out as well. Summer is almost here, full of many plans full of doing nothing. Normally I'm not very good at that, so we'll see how that works out...

Since my last post:

I spent my $1000 shopping spree
I found a new job (unfortunatly it adds to the chaos)
I've moved into my condo
My dad and I painted said new condo
Somehow I moved out of my old apartment, got it clean and only forgot one drawer full of kitchen stuff.
I went back down to working half time, which was good since I got a new job, only to be bumped back up to full time for three weeks. ack!
I planned a wedding shower (thanks to Lise for helping and Mrs. Webster for hosting)
I planned and hosted a stagette (again, thanks to Lise for the help)
I officially have a full time job at Walter Murray next year
I have helped translate a textbook
I purchased a DS Lite (nerd alert!)
My best friend got married!
Finals started today.

So, just over a week left of school. A summer of serving (boo, I know), getting accredited, and maybe rennovating my kitchen await. I'm really really hoping life returns to a slower pace someday soon before I pack up and run away to Laos.


Anonymous said...

reading your blog makes me excited to move back ! I hope nothing included coming to visit your old roomie in her house !

Christina said...

Congrats on the new job and surviving your life, also known as chaos.

Oh, and Tell Rachel I say "congratulations"... whether she remembers me or not.

chelle said...

heather you have a blog on blogger now. sign in silly french girl!

bag marla said...

yay michelle.

that is all.