Monday, July 30, 2007


Things I really enjoy:
  1. Having house guests. They will eventually all merit their own post.
  2. People in my calculus class who have started seriously referring to denominators as dominators. People who are native English speakers.
  3. Our new fan.
  4. So You Think You Can Dance. Ya, I went there.
Things I don't enjoy:
  1. That "due to the high class average on the midterm, the final will be A MONSTER." (okay, he didn't call it a monster, but he did say it would be hard)
  2. Anything "polar."
  3. Limits.
Things I am indifferent about at the moment:
  1. My final. WHAT? I really need to study...


bag marla said...

I get to be a house guest soon! Yay!

chelle said...

two house guests to rule them all?

bag marla said...

hell yeah!