Thursday, August 02, 2007

done like dinner and other things that are done

As of 15 minutes ago I am finished my calculus course. Ugh. It's funny how you work so hard for something and then it's just over.

The exam was even more of a monster than I expected, full of tricks and exceptions (and things we weren't supposed to know!). There will be no 100% on this one as in my attempt to finish off everything I didn't understand, I forgot to go back and finish a question I did understand but got stuck with. They sure don't mess around with their time restrictions here at McGill! The dude barked at me to "PUT DOWN YOUR PENCIL!" when I tried to finish a sentence I was writing after time had been called. Yipes.

I do know I got at least 2 questions right as they were for the bits we weren't supposed to know and el proferino told me to leave them as is and they were right up to the point I'd done them to.

Marks will be out on Sunday (claims el prof), til then it's shopping and time for more house guests!

UPDATE: It's Tuesday and there are finally marks on my transcript. An A, followed by a GPA of 4. Boo!! Don't get me wrong, both of those things are good things, things that make me happy, but there is a critical piece of information missing. The number. The difference between an 89% and a 92% is huge in my world and I want to know. I really want to know. I know, I'm a teacher and I tell kids not to worry about "their mark" all the time, I'm supposed to be in it for the learning, but goddammit, I want that final number.

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bag marla said...

And you thought you were going to suck out! You're one silly girl, my friend!

I'm glad you finally got your mark back!