Sunday, April 13, 2008

chelle's guide to buying, selling and moving in less than a month

Part 2 : Selling

So I arrived home from winter camp, exhausted, disgusting, and pretty much dying to know all the details of what boyfriend, his realtor uncle and his lawyer aunt had done while I was away playing in the snow.  Turns out there weren't all too many more details than were communicated via text messages - all I'd missed was returning to the house and the stressful offer, counter, re-offer, and the waiting game played between those things.  I may have gotten off pretty easy by not being around...  So, having only one week to remove conditions, selling my condo became top priority.

  1. Agree to let realtor uncle sell my condo.  Bonus, he already had a couple in mind.
  2. Try to make a bank appointment.  Realize your banker no longer deals with personal banking stuff.  Find out that all bankers at your branch are booked solid for a week.  Spend a lot of time calling the bank.  Have an acquaintance's mom agree to meet with you at the end of her day to help you out.
  3. Get approved (with flying colours) if and only if condo sells.
  4. Have a couple try to come look at the condo.  Due to their work and needing to go to the mosque this proves to be difficult.
  5. Couple sees the condo, loves it.  Feel much relief.
  6. Couple can't seem to get their financing in order, they are banking through the states and an old student loan is giving them grief.  Wait.  Stressfully.  
  7. Get extremely stressed that your condo is still not listed and now you have 5 days to sell.  Question realtor uncle's master plan silently and not so silently.
  8. Try to be patient with realtor uncle as he assures you things will be fine.  Sit on your hands as not to harass him with endless phone calls as you would someone who was not related.  He's helping you out, he's family, surely he has a plan?
  9. Consider calling to put your foot down and demand the condo be listed.
  10. Out of nowhere, receive an offer!
  11. Offer is a good one, uncle was indeed working some kind of silent non communicated magic with a different couple.  
  12. Accept offer without countering.
  13. Remove conditions!  Realise you are now actually buying a house.
  14. Decide you can probably tell you family now.  This proves to only require one phone call - in some weird alignment of the planets your entire family sees one another that day, passes on the news and then calls you to confirm.

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