Friday, August 14, 2009

ring shopping in saskatoon

H is all of a sudden really showing me up in the blogging department...

It's 90% wedding stuff around these parts these days. I'm fairly determined to have pretty much everything done before I go back to school, since I'm pretty certain September is going to blink by in about 3 days.

One of the things we'd left a little on the late side was finding/getting our wedding bands. We both had a fairly specific idea on what we wanted, but weren't sure if what we though we wanted would actually be what we wanted once we saw it. So, one evening in the 45min after H got off work and before we met my dad for supper we zipped around and looked at rings at People's, Ben Moss & Heinrick's. H managed to figure out what features he liked in a ring, but those features did not exist anywhere in one ring. Me, I was totally out of luck. Apparently women only want different sized versions of the exact same diamond band these days. Bleh.

Just in case, I took a quick trip to GMG the next day solo (since this was where my engagement ring came from) to see if they had anything a little closer to what I was hoping to find. Unfortunately, the sales lady there must have been new since she treated me like a total alien for wanting to modify/have a ring made. She also told me tall tales of the months and months I'd need to wait to have it done. H had my engagement ring custom made there and it took no time at all. So little time that he had to leave it in the store for awhile cause he knew as soon as he had it he'd want to give it to me. Stupid woman.

All of this landed us in the office of Ken Paulson. We told him what we wanted and in less than 30 mins he'd designed two rings for us that were a combination of what we liked and of what he knew would look good. He'd also cut my ring in half and taken it away from me. Would have likely paid to see my face after that little manoeuvre. Thankfully he returned it the next day clean and fitting better than ever. In one day (!) he was also able to show me the almost completed wax mock-ups for both our rings. Compared to everywhere else we went, working with Ken was awesome. He wasn't pushy, his jaw didn't hit the floor when I said I didn't want diamonds, he was fun to work with and he was right on budget. Can't wait to see the finished rings when he gets back from holidays!

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Dustin B said...

I was already to point you to Ken Paulson reading the 3rd and 4th paragaphs. But then you found him on your own. Thanks for ruining my comment ;)