Friday, December 29, 2006

I do love them!

My period one class chose not to write their exam on the last day of classes, so instead we had cookies and hot chocolate and discussed our favorite tv shows and random things. (This actually happens more than I should admit...) While we were "sharing fellowship" (the Catholics have words to justify everything, including eating and doing nothing. I may have switched systems, but I will steal what I deem appropriate.) one of my students took a few moments and personalised my Christmas card. It seems appropriate to share.

Twas 3 days before Christmas
And all through the school
Students chattered of the upcoming yule
In the math class Mme sat at her desk
Patiently awaiting 2nd periods test
She then glanced at her class and realised
Oh my goodness I love these guys!
So her class shouted with cheer
Merry Christmas Mme and Happy New Year!

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