Monday, December 11, 2006

it's beginning to feel a lot like christmas...

I'm sure you've noticed by the lack of posts that it's that time of year again. The time of year where even just thinking about taking time out of my day to post on my blog causes my blood pressure to rise and for a mini stress crisis to start brewing. Oh December. Month of holidays and more work than I normally do in the first 4 months of school combined... Or maybe only slightly more work and way more "social obligations." Please understand that I consider a social obligation anything where people I so much as moderately like and food and/or beverages will be present. It becomes a moral obligation if the food is related to chocolate or cheese.

All this work and eating aside, exciting things have been going on. For example, just the other day I spotted my very first set of truck nuts! I literally clapped with joy in my car. I was really wishing Marlito or Km would have been here to share in the moment, seeing as these were a very subpar set of nuts. They weren't round, but instead flat on one side. They were also a disturbingly accurate fleshy colour, and their one sided flatness made them look rather droopy. I had full intentions to linking to Km's blog, where he discusses these little beauties in more depth, but can't find it. Km's blog has a tendency to break my computer, it's full of that much goodness.

Today, 3 girls performed for me an original Backstreet boys medley. For a project, they rewrote the lyrics (in French!!) to 4 different sections of popular BSB's songs, to teach a "sick classmate" about inverse variation. They even added actions. I'm not sure if you've ever really experienced being a teacher until you have 3 girls, singing in French, to your favorite teenage songs about math. I should have videotaped them (had they given me any kind of notice this piece of wonderfulness was going to brighten my Monday).
Big Red moved at the beginning of the month, to his own place. It's pretty sweet he no longer lives in the middle of some kind of wild zoo.
I've become totally addicted to Zelda's "Minish Cap." This is not good. What is good is that I'm almost done.
I'm also trying really hard to get all my school stuff done before Friday when Rach and Marlito will be home. This is not particularly easy considering I'm reinventing 2 units and only sort of have resources for them. I know I could cheap out and do it the old crappy way, but that's not the way I'm rolling this year.
That being said, this trend of no posting will probably hold steady until the holidays start. Just have some more chocolate and Christmas cheer and you won't even notice I'm gone. Hopefully because I'll be visiting with you shortly!


bag_marla said...

That's right, finish your work now, because if I'm not working that means no one else gets to work either! Muh-ha-ha!

See you in a couple of days! Wheee!

Miles said...

I hear you on December. How is it that I had 4 x-mas parties last week? Crazy.

And someone should tell December that we all have shopping and relaxing and eating to do, so it should stop giving us heinous workloads.

I'm sorry my blog breaks your computer. Please tell me how, so that I might improve the breaking factor.

What is a "minish cap"? I'm lost.

NO posting?? *weep* But I'm not going to see you for quite some time yet...

... hehe, moral obligation...