Tuesday, November 28, 2006

meeting the neighbours

I am currently accepting donations to fund the "get chelle out of Canada and into the tropics" initiative. While a tax receipt will not be provided, your choice of cookies, muffins, or chocolates will be. An added Christmas incentive will include homemade Baileys.

Seriously, it's all kinds of stupid in this province right now. Yes, I am aware it's all kinds of stupid every year. I haven't quite decided which relatives I should blame this insanity on, but believe me, when I do, I will give their children/grand-children quite a scolding. What were they thinking? It's not like we had an excuse like most people - no one in my family farms. We are not "tied to the land" in any way shape or form. Currently, the only thing keeping us here is the rest of the family (and the pretty bridges, trees, and lovely 4 summer months). Gah.

So two days of blizzarding, two days of almost dying every time you leave your house. I'm not exaggerating here, for some reason, there are still people who have not figured out how to drive in the snow and ice. If you are not from out of province, what is your problem? This is nothing new. Gah.

This weather hasn't been all bad - I met a new acquaintance! We were brought together by the very blizzard I am cursing. You see, my parking spot is behind the rec center, beside the Loras bin, and conveniently collects snow drifts. It is also a low point, and collects water when it's warmer. So my parking spot is currently an excellent geological study (maybe not as good as Gnat's sandwich) - somewhere there is a base layer of asphalt, then many small layers of ice and snow, with severe ruts due to melting with a very loose but deep layer of blowy snow. There is no science needed to realise that this is a recipe for a stuck car. If I were single, this would be a great way to meet guys - drive, get car stuck, need help, get help from cute boy, meet cute boy for coffee and then hope the planets align. As I have a wonderful boyfriend, I don't really need to meet guys, but am very happy when they show up and offer to push my car out all the same. Thank you new neighbour acquaintance, from myself and my boyfriend who I would have had to call had you not showed up.

This whole process took around 15 minutes. It's a 3-5 minute drive to school. If you include the time my car warmed up, we're at around 25 minutes running car time. That is the same amount of time it would take me to walk to school (add minutes for snow on blizzard days). Currently I am trying to decide if I should spend money on better winter tires or better outside winter clothes.


bag_marla said...

I was in my bunnyhug all weekend and it was, like, 11 degrees outside and sunny at times.

Just in case you wanted to know.

Matty said...

Hmmm.... you have quite the dilemma there Parker. I would go with the winter clothes. Or maybe a snow shovel to clear out your parking spot. Or maybe a shelter to cover your parking spot (of course, you would probably get all the bums living in it when it is cold.) Your options are endless...

Kilometres said...

Bag Marla, I was too! Isn't it lovely here in Ontario? (It's not that great actually... who likes it when it refuses to freeze all the way into December?) Kingston is now officially London. We've stolen London's weather. It rains here everyday. And if it doesn't rain, it's overcast. The other day (the 11 degree day) it was sunny out and people didn't know what to do with themselves. We hadn't seen the sun in ages!

So next time you are bitter with the cold chelle, remember, people stay in the prairies because of the sun. It fends off S.A.D and well, it just feels nice on your skin whatever time of the year.

That's all I have to say about that.

p.s. I vote for winter clothes. You could even walk to school in them...