Friday, January 05, 2007

i'm a failure

What's that Chelle? You somehow managed to pull your hamstring by doing absolutely nothing in the last couple days? Those days where you have been sleeping in, sitting at the computer, then napping, followed by tv or video game watching? But those activities don't even require legs! Oh, you know that? Then what's up with the limp?

In other news, I have failed at my only post Christmas project. Or maybe not. Heavens I make things complicated! Yesterday, when I went to apply the second coat to my shelving unit it was very tacky. Check it out, there's my fingerprints in my new coat of paint kind of tacky. I was thinking this was probably because I was a failure as a shelf sander and that I would need to start over. Not to mention seek out therapy for my inability to complete the easiest tasks. I have been racking my brain as to where I could find a palm sander to make this second attempt more successful. Just for fun, after I typed the first sentence of this paragraph, I thought I should leave some more fingerprints in my shelf to remind me of what a failure I really am. Quelle surprise! It's totally dry now.

Now what to do? Do I paint it again, and simply expect a strange 48 hour drying time? Do I "scuff" the surface and then paint? Do I go with the original plan of palm sanding the crap out of it and starting over? Or do I throw the whole thing in the Loras bin and pretend I never wanted a corner shelf in the first place? Help! Who let me buy a house?


Miles said...

That's the spirit, never give up!

I vote for a quick repaint. Nothing covers fingerprints like a new coat of paint. If that doesn't work, then do the sanding and start again.

The important thing is that you laugh about it and then keep going. Don't let failure convince you that you need to buy everything pre-made at IKEA!

Oh, and happy hamstring healing!

sara_nrd said...

Ooh boy. Keep the fingerprints. Paint them a contrasting colour, and say you planned it as a way of personlizing your kitchen.

chelle said...

this particular shelf is from ikea. i just didn't want the natural finish. of course, this had to be one piece ikea couldn't leave in it's unfinished splendor, instead they varnished the poop out of it - hence all that sanding. argh.