Wednesday, November 02, 2005


I just thought I'd let you know that I officially have the internet in my new domicile. This is pretty exciting for a girl who is over a full month behind on all the tv she watches. Maybe less exciting for my cooworkers - no more covering my ears signing songs and doing strange chair dances to avoid hearing info I don't want to know yet for me! How the dancing helps? that's for me to know, thank you.

Today was a rather eventful day in period 3. Somehow a student managed to "spill" a slurpee on my floor, down my bulletin board, and on my ceiling. This mislead soul can't add, but he sure knows how to spill up. To make this story even better, while he's cleaning up a brawl almost erupts between him and another typically good natured student. I've pieced the dialogue together and I believe it may have gone something like this (I really only heard the last bit, I was handing back exams at the front of the room):
Slurpee spiller - student is mopping the floor, wiping the ceiling and wall...
Other student "hey, you better do a better job, you missed a bit"
SS "do it yourself if you don't like it"
OS"fuck you"
(I never did find out what SS said here)
OS: "Well I'm not the fucking retard who fucking spilled it in the first place, fuck!"
This is where I clued in and kicked them both out. The admin was in to talk to my class later... never a dull moment...


Anonymous said...

I am personally offended by your use of language in this blog entry.
If you do not stop using this profanity, I will contact the site administrator and have you banned from this webpage immediately.
So, there, Ms. Poopypants!

Love Sean

Kilometres said...

Hi there Chelle!

I found your blog! BEWARE!!!

and hehe... spilling up!