Tuesday, November 01, 2005

the reader's digest edition

stay tuned for the full stories later...

so in the spirit of trying to get this thing updated- something is better than nothing ne? - real stories to come asap.
since my last post i have (in no particular order):
- gone on a canoe trip to nistoyiak falls with 5 students
- become an "adult ally" for feehan's youth action circle
- continued teaching
- worked an insane amount of hours at the odeon (one cheque had 40 hours on it...)
- moved into a house with a roommate (odeon employee and public system teacher)
- had parent-teacher interviews
- worked saturday nights at diva's
- attended two conferences, one in saskatoon and one in regina
- attended a stagette in moose jaw
- joined an adult ballet class
- completed my professional growth plan for the year
- most likely driven my boyfriend crazy more times than he can count-he claims to love me anyway : )
- turned 25
- finally finished reading "a complicated kindness"
- bought a new bed
- gone to the ballet twice (swan lake and dracula)
- saw the arcade fire and wide mouth in concert

well i'm sure there's more but i'm drawing blanks so til later.

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Anonymous said...

Isn't A Complicated Kindness awesome? Glad to hear you're still kicking, and happy birthday! Now you're in my club: the "You age rounded to the nearest 10 is 30" club.

-Cambodia Chris