Wednesday, November 16, 2005

mmm bop!

In case some of you have forgotten the love that is mmm bop is, let me remind you :
"mmm bop, bee doo bee dop, bah doo wap, boo doo bah dop"
Thank you Hanson brothers/sisters - they may be married but it still is quite possible they're not boys...

I digress. My school is raising money. Money for people in Uganda. Hopefully $500 for people in Uganda. Quickly. This is where the Hanson boys come in. The SRC is going to play the song "mmm bop" by Hanson every single break, between every single class until the school raises $500.

Brilliant! I love it! We're on day one of the fundraising campain and already there are gangsta looking students humming mmm bop in the the halls. No one with any kind of "street cred" would be caught dead humming Hanson. The fine folks in Uganda will have their money before Christmas! A big yay to the school in Edmonton who's idea this was, I'm a huge fan of annoying people into giving up their money.


bag marla said...

oh my gosh, that makes me SO HAPPY i just might die. seriously, i'm so near death it's not even funny. oh mmm bop!

i will also give a shout out to the school in edmonton whose idea it was to play mmm bop.

in sum: i love it!

Heather said...

I think you should blog more often. Twice a week.