Wednesday, July 12, 2006

it's a shower!

I think you are supposed to know what the duties of a Maid of Honour are before you accept said position. I didn't know, I still accepted. Luckily, Rach isn't crazy so I wasn't expected to plan or pay for her wedding. Also, my mom liked to randomly tell me what I should be doing. Rach liked this, seeing as then she didn't have to tell me herself.

One of the duties was to plan "the shower." Never having been to a wedding shower before, I don't really think I'd have been my own first choice of planner, but Rach had full confidence. And really, how badly can you mess up a shower?

It turns out, it's very hard to mess up a shower indeed. Really, I went with the assumption that we were making the older ladies happy and giving them a chance to give presents and visit. Good assumption! My stellar skills in getting other people to do work for me also came in handy. Lise planned the games, Mrs Webster provided beverages, and I got food from Costco. Turns out those are the ingredients for a successful shower.

Michelle: 1, Brooch 0

(Rachel's threat being that if I was a bad Maid of Honour she make me wear a brooch, a very ugly brooch)


Rach said...

The brooch threat worked a lot better when brooches weren't in style. Alas, they, and the rest of the 80s are back with a vengeance.

chelle said...

that still does not mean i'm wanting to participate in the 80s craziness...

bag marla said...

i wish you would have made her wear one anyway. i would have liked that. probably too much, if there's such thing as liking michelle wearing a brooch too much.