Tuesday, July 25, 2006

the stagette

So Maid of Honour duty continues. This time a little more up my alley. Plan a stagette. I've also never been to a stagette, but to entertain my best friend while getting her drunk seemed like a much less daunting task than entertaining her aunts.

Now I know stagette's are normally a little on the outrageous side. Strippers, costumes, that whole "party like it's the last time you'll ever be single" thing. However, we're not really outrageous people. And well, Rach hasn't been single for 5 and some years (and when she was, she wasn't a bar whore... thank goodness!) so while I think there were maybe a few guests who were hoping for a more traditional stagette, it seemed only fitting we do it up our style.

Sadly, many of our friends have moved away. Too far away to come home for a Friday evening, no matter how much fun was planned. Don't worry, we don't love you any less. You did miss out on good times, but we forgive you. All in all a happy 9 some gathered at my place to start the evening off. A few bumps in getting us all there on time (hello folks, Lise and I had an itenerary!) but we still managed to accomplish all the fun we had planned.

To start, instead of costumes we leid all of our guests. Then, some chatting and munchies. The down to business. Presents! We had Rach open her presents and then guess who got her what. Shots for Rach if she guessed wrong, shots for the buyer if she guessed right. Rach drank a lot. Here's Rach showing off some nice undies she received.

Then, it was off to our cars for a scavenger hunt! Is there anything more fun? Well possibly, but this ranks pretty high on my list of fun things to do I tell you. Lise and I carefully crafted this scavenger hunt to reflect on Rach's life - from birth to marriage. We scoured Saskatoon for things she loved, that loved her or that caused entertainment to us. Special cheers to the dude at Fudd's who let us all make milkshakes! The following (for those of you who can't tell for some reason...) is a pregnant Sydney Bristow punching out Parkstar, a deadly teacher spy up to no good in Wal-Mart.

Rach's team came out on top (as is only fair I suppose...). Seriously though, when your team's name is "Two brain tumours and a blonde" is there any way you can win? We gave it our best effort, but both HAS and Van have holes in their heads (which they took turns feeling while we were driving between places I might add.) Still good times. Losers (us) bought the winners (not us) shots later.

We rallied back at my place to play a few drinking games before heading out to shake our booty. We took a bit of a gamble and returned to one of our old haunts, and boy did it pay off. Who knew the Hose was still so much fun? Stellar old school dancing fun played non-stop from start to stop. It was so much fun we had trouble getting off the dance floor to get more drinks on several occasions. Now that's some good times. In stagette spirit, we made Rach wear a spinner around her neck. Boys paid a dollar to spin her wheel and have Rach perform a task. Winning task? Pinch a bum. Rach did pinch a lot of bums that night. She pinches with style in case you were wondering. The style of a lady who is no longer on the market. Super-style you might say.

Everyone had had enough of the fun and dancing, but Rach and I decided to persist in our fun having. We arrived at Diva's just in time to do one last shot, and enjoy some more good dancing music. And desperation. So half dancing, but a little on the tired side, Rach and I are sitting/dancing on the side of the dance floor. We're spotted by two boys. Straight boys. Instantly hopeful. They try dancing with us. One dude, obviously more perceptive than the other loses interest immediatly and leaves his friend to fend for himself. He's persistent. He wants to dance with us. We want none of it. Perceptive friend returns to tell Desperate that he's leaving. Desperate doesn't want to give up, he tells Perceptive he'll find his own way home. Rach is uncomfortable. So I step up and perform what is probably the most important Maid of Honour duty yet (and this is not taking one for the team I might add). "Ummm, so ya. If you're hoping on getting some tonight you should probably go with your friend. You see, this is my friend's stagette and she's getting married in a week and that's my boyfriend standing there in the booth." Desperate doesn't even pretend like he just wants to dance with us, he hightails it out of the bar to the sound of Sean-o whooting and Sher(the other DJ) laughing manically. Apparently you hear very well in the booth due to crazy accoustics. Thank you Desperate for making our evening just that much better. Please, stop by anytime.

Shortly after Sean-o drove us home safely. That's right kids, don't forget to be responsible with your fun having!

Michelle:2 , Brooch:0 Boo-ya!


Christina said...

Now, THAT is a blog entry. Well done Chelle, well done.

Not So French Girl said...

Nice work. When I get married, I am putting you to work. I have a sister so you may not have the title, but work all the same.

Not So French Girl said...

Nice work. When I get married, I am putting you to work. I have a sister so you may not have the title, but work all the same.

Not So French Girl said...

Nice work. When I get married, I am putting you to work. I have a sister so you may not have the title, but work all the same.

Rach said...

It was a good time. How we caused a ruckus in Wal-Mart! It was a great night and the brooch didn't have a chance!