Tuesday, July 25, 2006

oh oprah!

It's tough to hate Oprah. I don't really watch her show a whole lot, but I still know she does good work. What with all the charities, and the giving. Her teacher show, how cool would that be? I like free stuff, I love free stuff for teachers! Well all free stuff that's useful I guess.

Anyway. Oprah keeps doing shows on bras. She has a mission - that women start wearing good bras. Ones that fit. Now some of you may have missed the memo where my mom bought a lingerie shop. She did, it's good times, I help her and get paid in underwear. Almost like free stuff. Mom's shop just so happens to sell what everyone refers to as "the Oprah bra." Which isn't really accurate, Oprah simply plugged the bra, she didn't actually design it or anything. Tis the power of Oprah. Since April, I've tried on many bra, but never the Oprah. Why not? Well how good could it actually be. There are much more cute bras that mom sells that are pretty wonderful.

Last week Mom receives a huge shipment of Oprah bras and suggests I actually try one on while she actually has my size in stock (seriously people, the population is nuts for these bras). Wanting to be underwhelmed with a craze (and kinda liking the chocolate brown colour that's come out) I agree to try it on. Damn you Oprah, why do you always have to be right about things? It's like magic. So much lift, so much support, so many question as to why other bras exist. I gladly swap the bra I was wearing for my new Oprah bra with no regrets.

While it's pretty darn crazy the influence Oprah has on folks, at least she's loving good shit. It's tough to hate that.

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Christina said...

I would love to enjoy the Oprah bra too but I am pretty sure it requires you to have breasts.

Oh well, at least I can enjoy purchasing cute shoes since my feet are small too... no wait...