Friday, February 23, 2007


OMG, it's snowing out! Someone organise traffic advisories in case the roads get icy, someone else update the "blizzard's" status at all time, someone else send out emails making it sound like no one will make it home tonight and you, over there, make sure you tell people about the wind - that thing that blows the snow around in an annoying fashion. Mostly, let's get everyone all panicked, because this is a serious situation.

It would appear that once you actually have a serious blizzard, all blizzards are very serious. It's currently snowing. And it's windy. And for some reason, there is a whole lot of to do over these two events occurring simultaneously. I get that there was a very serious blizzard a month ago, blah blah blah. But seriously, think of what you would say if someone asked you to describe Saskatchewan in the winter. Windy, snowy, and cold - in the order of your personal preference. Not to mention, the roads have been overly icy all winter because of the messed up weather we've had.

What comes next? The "War on the Weather?" That we should all be on "high alert" for winter? Get over it people, at least it's not cold.

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Kilometres said...

I agree. It's like people and the cold here. It's never cold, but as soon as it's below -10, everyone makes a HUGE deal of it, like we've never experienced cold before and it's now officially the worst winter on record. It reached -15 today, we must be crazy to live in Canada. Sure wish we could get away to somewhere warm... blah blah blah.

And would the high alert for the Weather Watch be blue? Just wondering.