Monday, February 05, 2007

tales of gr 10 repeaters

S: Ms did you get your hair cut?
Me: Nope.
S: Well are you wearing a new sweater or something?
Me: Ummmm, no S, I change my clothes every day. It's kinda my thing.
S: Oh. You just look different today.*

The class approved of me changing my clothes, while S persisted with "no but she really looks different!"

*I was wearing my contacts. And a different sweater.

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Chris said...

Here's one for you. Following the Xmas holidays I returned to work with muchly cut hair.

S: Mr. B did you get your hair cut?
Me: No, it all fell out evenly.
S: Oh, okay.
Me: (after a pause) Do you seriously believe that my hair all fell out evenly? Do you really think that happened?
S: Yes.
Me: Thank you, Korean Education system, for the critical thinking skills you taught this young girl in her first 5 years of schooling. I need not to teach grade 6 any more.
S: What?
Me: Nothing.