Sunday, October 01, 2006

back to my roots

Big Red was spinning last night at Diva's, so, tired as I was feeling I hauled my butt to the bar so that I could be a proud provider of "girlfriend support."

At 10:30 I was still in my school clothes. Sure it was casual Friday so it could have been worse, but I'm still not quite ready to go to the bar dressed as Mme. I opened my drawer containing things I consider to be bar appropriate (ie. 80% not school appropriate). I wasn't feeling any of it. Looked at the closet. Blah, still not feeling it. What did I decide on wearing? My Math is Delicious shirt and jeans.

Step 2, check face. After opening the drawer and looking at things used on face to improve appearance, I decided that school leftovers were good enough. Hair? not so much seeing as I had a nap on the couch. Ponytail!

All of a sudden I've been transported back to 1999. I'm guessing I didn't look much older. I love that I spent 3 years of my life considering jeans and a cute t-shirt "dressing up" for the bar. I did used to put more effort into my hair, but I was younger, more ambitious and single then.


bag marla said...

it's like you're turning into me or something...

Anonymous said...

And our choice of TShirts haven't changed really. Back in the day it would have been a Rainbow Bright TShirt or Care Bears.

Anonymous said...

Ah the memories... 1999, 2000, 2001... When going to the bar with you was an aerobic workout. I actually had no idea this had changed for you ? I remember both of us wearing our hair in braids to uni to be ready to go out ! I miss those days. I really need to come up to S'toon.

Sara said...

And I remember thinking that Michelle really had it going on with her T-shirts!

chelle said...

heh, i still have a carebears shirt that i wear fairly regularily.

and i would prolly still braid my hair if i didn't have to teach on fridays!

Kilometres said...

I don't get why you can't braid your hair and teach.

Did I miss something?

Has the braid become the new sexy hair? Is it too inapproapriate to wear a braid around teenagers? Would it send them into fits of hormonal imbalance? Is carefully tied hair now a sign of overt sexuality?

Right now I'm pretty glad I have short hair. I've always thought if I had long hair I would braid it. (I was going to try just before was turned into a mullet). I'm glad I never had to cross that bridge! I would have paraded that braid around and insulted people everywhere with my daring disregard for public convention!

Perhaps people would have thought me a hussy! A braided-hair man-hussy! (It's the worst kind).

chelle said...

actually, the exact opposite km! i already get confused with the grade 12 students on a weekly basis. wearing two french braids in my hair little house on the prarie style takes about another 4 years off my age i think. which would put me in grade 9.

so to avoid mass confusion and make a small effort at some kind of professionalism, i reserve braids and pigtails for weekend only hairstyles.