Tuesday, October 03, 2006

to my blogging friends

It's no secret I have an addictive and impressionable personality. I find more and more time in my days to dedicate to habits. Blogging is simply a natural addition to my pre-existing habit of talking with friends online while perusing the internet.

It's a quirky habit though. Reading blogs is a window into other people's lives. Not surprising considering my attachment to tv characters, I get somewhat attached to the people whose blogs I read. It would appear, I get confused about the small slice of reality these blogs contain.

You see, I read the blogs of friend's friends. In some cases more religiously than others. Then, because I do know these people, I seem to think we're better friends than we really are. Case in point, Kilometers. Sure, I know Km. We've hung out in the same space on several different occasions over the last 6 or so years. Really though, he is Marlito's friend. We would have no reason to ever speak if not for her. Or now, his blog. You see, Km is so highly entertaining I need to steal him for my own. I have imagined him into my own friend. I dream of the day when Km will come home and I too can be part of his quirky entourage and themed parties. I look forward to him coming home at Christmas. Totally hilarious.

But folks, how could you resist wanting to be friends with this:

Just try...

So please don't be confused when I start to treat you like we're childhood friends. You've been properly warned.


Rach said...

Oh, km, I feel the same way. Sometimes, when there is pure genious on your blog, I must tell other people. I feel akward starting off a story with "So I read about this guy in this blog and..." so I start the story off with "So, my friend Miles..."

Thank you for entertaining me so.

bag marla said...

That's so funny! I've totally noticed how attached everyone is to kilometres and it makes me happy. I take it as a sign that I have good taste in friends! Let's hear it for the Psychology Dept. at the UofS for bringing kilometres into our lives...so many good things have come out of meeting him that I don't even know where to start. And let's hear it for WMCI for bringing me Chelle and Rach. You all really are the bestest...so much love!

Kilometres said...

*stares blankly at a picture of himself*

Well I just don't know what to say. I'm sitting doing office hours that none of my students attend and I went to your blog because you've been posting such nice comments lately.

And there I am.


*jaw falls to floor, eye's refuse to blink*

And really -if for no other reason than seeing the photo in another context - it strikes me that what I deem appropriate to post on my blog is so very very outrageous. I wonder why more people here aren't afraid of me. I mean look at me. I'm clearly a psychopath.

I'm quite enjoying sitting here pretending to be all professorial while a crazy photo of me sits on the compter. I keep blushing every time I think of it. What good times it would be if a student walked in right now.

In other news, I thouroughly enjoy the new look. It's so clean and impressive. But tell me truthfully is the switch worth it? I'm worried things like Audioblog, YouTube and commenting will be affected (as they have been in the past). Let me know if know things that I don't know. You know?

Oh, and one more thing. Thanks for the post chelle. It really made me feel special in a time when I've been pretty down lately.

Hooray for the random kindness of strangers! ...I mean blog friends. Blog friends that are real friends. Because we agreed to it here. In this post. Right here. Friends. Starting....NOW!

Kilometres said...

Hey friend chelle, what's shakin?

Can't wait to see you at X-mas!

Cherry Jesus is excited too.

chelle said...

YAY! I read this at work today and just kept laughing about it to myself while walking around my classroom. My kids must have thought I was nuts or WAY too happy about Veronica Mars (season premier tonight!!)

I hope all my delusional fantasies about people I make into my friends in my head work out this well!