Thursday, October 05, 2006


Before yesterday, one of my favorite things someone had said about me was that "I was all that and a bag of potato chips." What a hilarious compliment. Yesterday, I was called a "cracker-jack." I liked it just because saying cracker-jack is fun. Had it stopped there, I would have been happy knowing that someone had paid me an ambiguous, but fun compliment. The person, however, made sure to follow up his compliment with the reinforcement that it is in fact a very good thing to be called a cracker-jack. You may not know this, but the antonym to cracker-jack is slug. Now you know - look I can teach English and Math!

Then, as I was sitting in my desk prepping for my day this morning (read, enjoying my not quite sweetened enough coffee wishing it was Saturday so I could still be sleeping and cursing myself for forgetting I had something to do last night until 10:40 when I was just about to go to bed) another teacher stopped by to say hi and tell me how much my school and staff appreciates having me here. What a nice way to start my day! Oh Mr. D, you make me feel so welcome.

This is pretty awesome. It is so nice to be noticed as someone who is working hard. Sure, I know I work hard, but it sure does make my day when other people notice and go out of their way to tell me. At my job last year I could have completely revolutionnised the way math is done and no one would have said boo. At least not to me.

Telling people they're fantastic for one reason or anther is a good thing on many levels. It makes me want to tell other people I think they're awesome too, so they can enjoy the same feeling. Which is good, everyone loves to hear it, and sometimes we forget to mention it even though we think it all the time. And, it's encouragement to keep working hard. I can't have all these people telling me I'm doing a good job and then go slack off!

So, blog readers, I appreciate you. For one reason or another you're keeping up with me and my life and that's pretty darn cool. Unless of course you're keeping up with me because you're holding a grudge and figuring out what you're best revenge would be. In that case, well I appreciate that you think I merit that much time and energy. Now go tell someone why you appreciate them! Do it, it's thanksgiving. We shall feast on a cornicopia of compliments. Good times.


Rach said...

I appreciate your use of the word cornicopia!

Kilometres said...

Okay shut up! I was just telling a friend of mine today about the cornucopia of compliments that I've been paid recently! No lie! Friends don't lie to each other.

By using the same unusual amalgamation of words I'd like to propose the most logical thing I can from this. Our minds are melding together into one pan-canadian mind filled with love, joy, and fragments of Dave Matthews.

It's likely because we share the same fundamental frequencies in our auras. I consider myself a red-green with emerald harmonics. Are you the same?

Kilometres said...

And why is it that we only pull out cornucopia around thanksgiving?

Just wondering...

bag_marla said...

Wow, you guys are too much.

PS - You're all the best!