Thursday, November 16, 2006

beware my single friends

My mother may try to set you up on a blind date. She won't ask what I think or anything, she will just contact you out of the blue with a gentleman in mind. People will talk to people, and before you know it you'll be going on a blind bowling double date with my mother and her boyfriend. Don't get me wrong, my maman and her gentleman friend are swell people. Going on a date with my mom? That seems all kinds of wrong.

Giddy from hearing this hilarious news, I had to contact Rach ASAP. I have yet to contact HAS, the subject of my mom's scheming, to find out full details. As Rach and I giggled and squealed over this delicious bit of gossip (which is only going to get better, I just know it). Rach had some very pertinent questions.
1) HAS agreed to this?
2) your mother knows single young men?
3) a double blind date with your mom and her man?
4) is her tumour back?

I think number 4 sums it all up folks...


Rach said...

And by question four I totally don't mean to be insensitive...

Hopefully he is a swell guy.

bag marla said...

Sweet corn that's fabulous! I expect updates as you get them!

Miles said...

I don't get it. Tumour?

p.s. Please tell your mom (who I'm assuming I'm going to meet) that she can set me up anytime for a bowling date!

chelle said...

km there was a "small" incident with HAS not so spontaneously growing a brain tumour last year. the good news is she's totally fine and just as wonderful as always!

alas, i told my maman you'd love to be set up by her, and she seems to be lacking suitable candidates. :(