Tuesday, November 14, 2006

i support you rodger rare!

95% of the time other people are able to better express what I would like to say. If I thought he was game, I would invite Kev to do a guest blog here so he could enlighten you to the crooked practices of Wal-Mart right here in little Saskatoon. I would attempt to explain what happened, but I'm sure I would mess it all up. End product, Wal-Mart wins, Saskatoon loses. We're not just losing on a moral issue, we're also losing 8 million dollars. I hate you Wal-Mart.

This hurts my brain, fuels my rage, and make me happy other people are like minded. Well played Mr. Shawn, well played.


Big Red said...

I wonder if evil Jim Thompson from walmart is related to evil Jack Thompson from "lawyer trying to ban all video games because they are the root of all violence."

Miles said...

stupid Wal-mart! They are moving in and destroying MY hometown too! It will kill all of downtown, and leave the place a quiet dried husk... mark my words!!