Saturday, September 23, 2006

blog wars!

Barely 24 hours after the debut of his new blog, the boy and I are already fighting over the right to post stuff. Being the bigger person here, I let him win. So go check out this video at Big Red's blog.

I just checked his site for the permalink, and it turns out the boy isn't as clever as he thinks he is - he hasn't actually put the video on his site, just a link. So instead of linking to the link, I'll post it below.

Check it out. I was eating pizza while watching this and it was so good I just sat there with my pizza in midair, on the way to my face for a good minute or so.

But after watching go check out the boy's blog anyway, leave him a comment and say hi. We like friendly wars afterall...


Big Red said...

"The BOY?!?"

chelle said...

yep, that's you. unless of course you'd like to admit to being old?

myboyfriendiscrazy said...

lol that's great... I'm so glad boyfriend doesn't blog