Saturday, September 09, 2006

poorly chosen words are the most effective contraceptive known to man

I'm still sick. I'm pretty unhappy about it. While the pus on my throat appears to be gone, my throat itself is still sore enough that I'm maintaining the 80% ice-cream diet. Tasty, yes. Nutritious? I have a feeling no so much. I'm also having issues with headaches, neckaches, and general tiredness. I know, I'm just so much fun.

So I really haven't been up to much lately that isn't school seeing as it occupies the healthiest 7 hours of my day. I have spent an awful lot of time on the interweb, so I thought I'd fill a blog post with funny links. If you're not already reading this stuff, you should ask yourself what's wrong with you. Then, you should start reading.

I just got back into Diesel Sweeties. It's a webcomic I used to read a long time ago, and then for some reason stopped. Starting up again, I'm wondering why in the world I ever stopped.

Questionable Content is another of my favorite webcomics. My "math is delicious" shirt should have arrived a month ago...

Lastly, everyone needs to read Go Fug Yourself. I think they're on a short break for something mysterious called Fashion Week, but I trust they'll be back soon.

I read a ridiculous amount of other stuff on a daily basis, but I'll save that for the next time all I do is sleep and eat.

Parkstar out.

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