Tuesday, September 05, 2006

a family affair

This weekend I went camping in Waskesiu with Sean-o and his family. I was a little apprehensive about going cause his mom scares me, but all was well.

We left town late, got to the lake even later and did not too shabby a job of setting up our tent in the dark. I don't love camping in the Glen, but it was pretty deserted considering it was a long weekend so it wasn't bad at all. We visited for awhile, and then passed out.

I got up early (especially for me, on my long weekend!) and had morning coffee with Madre and Hermana. At around 11 we roused the boys and had some very splendid breakfast. Which of course made the wasps come out to play, but they weren't as bad as in August. I was super impressed with the quality of shower I got to have. Not to mention I didn't fall over while trying to get my pants on without getting them wet. Go me. We went into town with Hermana and her boy to check out the end of season sales. They sucked. Well the sales were great, the merchandise not so much. The sherbet we finally had wasn't on sale, but it was by far the best thing to buy in town. Then, I had a wonderful nap while Sean-o played DS. Our tent was in the most fantastic spot where it was out of the sun, so being in it during the day was possible.

Everyone chatted and did logic/word puzzles while Madre cooked up the most fantastic supper. Well technically she prepared it and then gave it to others to cook. It may well have been the best steak I've had all summer. We feasted on steak and garden veggies, and the later ate cake. The DSs were passed around the fire, conversations were had, drinks were drank.

Sunday we essentially repeated Saturday with a little more sleeping and no shopping. We got home late Sunday afternoon, just in time for me to be re-sick. while more camping would have been good, being sick at home is also good.

Cheers to Sean-o's family for having me out with them this weekend!


Anonymous said...

Who the HELL is Madre and Hermana???
Who did you go camping with?
-DS Sean-

chelle said...

someone needs to brush up on his spanish...