Wednesday, September 13, 2006

welcome to the asylum

I have no idea what is up with my last few residences. I live in good areas, in nicely upkept buildings. So why do I keep getting woken up like this? I tried to link that, but it would appear I didn't blog about the previous incident like I thought I did.

3:27am. It's Monday night, so obviously I'm sleeping, soundly, as I like to do. It's normally a gift my sound sleeping, because it means I sleep through everything. On really good nights I sleep through entire conversations that I participate in. 3:28am, I am woken up. Confused. Did I move to a crappy apartment just of 20th? There are people fighting above me, screaming obscenities. If anyone had told me where to go and how to get there like that I sure wouldn't have needed a map. I guess if you get into these kids of fights you're not very smart in the first place. Much more yelling, stomping, throwing? and potentially breaking of things. Finally I am able to get back to sleep so I'm not really sure as to how everything got sorted out.

(After introducing myself to the older, defensive lady who lives above me I found out a)it wasn't her fault?!? and b) resolution happens when the cops come.)

It would appear to date I'm the only one to thinks noise that wakes up the whole complex is worthy of reporting to the board, cause when I phoned the lady who takes care of such things it was the first she'd heard of it. Maybe I'm the only one who knows they live in a rental unit? Maybe everyone else takes it for entertainment - better than reality tv!

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