Wednesday, September 13, 2006


I was going to post, but really, nothing seems to important compared to today's news. If you're out of the loop, this went down in Montreal today. Rach has posted about her day. I'm grateful all her day was filled with was inconvenience.

I wonder what was so wrong with this jerk's life that suicide wasn't enough? Even first degree murder serves a more direct point. By being selfish and picking off innocent people to be noticed don't you essentially become one of the very people we'll find out you were striking out against?

We get it. You're depressed, you were bullied, no one understands you, you got lost in "the system" at school, whatever. Your point sucks. Putting kids in the hospital and yourself in the ground doesn't help anyone.

The increasing number of school shootings makes me feel tired. Tired and very sad.

I do look forward to the insightful conversations this will lead to with my students tomorrow, I simply wish our prompt was different.


bag marla said...

will you post about what your students have to say? Cuz I sure would like to know!

Kilometres said...

I would also like to know.