Friday, September 22, 2006

me ADD? never...

So I was contemplating how much I love Sexyback by none other than Mr. JT himself. It’s a lot. If you don’t love it, I’m just going to assume you’re a hater. I like it so much I sing it to myself in my sleep. Lately I’ve been waking up with it in my head 50% of the time. The other 40% I wake up humming Sarah Harmer. That last 10% I don’t really want to talk about cause it’s no good.

While mentally exploring my love for JT, I pondered what ever happened to JC. See, as much as I loved Justin, JC was always my favorite N’Sync member. His solo song from Drumline made me very happy indeed. He should make a comeback. Minus Tara Reid in his video, cause we all know what she looks like these days.

On to the scandalous news of Mr. “look at me I’m publicly gay now” Lance Bass. See, what I think should happen is Lance should find himself a DJ partner and make a comeback. He could totally corner the radio friendly “pop/house” genre. Sure it won’t be amazing (or will it?) but it will get on the radio and in the bars. This is key. Lance Bass could be the catalyst that ends mainstream hip hop culture. Hallelujah! All it would take is a little house/dance music on the radio often for people to realize there’s a whole other world of fantastic music out there to dance to that doesn’t involve wearing your underwear and gyrating as fast as possible. Hopefully he will do this while reining a massive campaign against homosexuality. Think of all the 40 something ladies “Well if Lance is gay it can’t be that bad… I sure did love him when he was in N’Sync. Have you seen his boyfriend? So cute!” Much better than the whole Clay Aiken thing went down.

Think of the consequences here. I could start going to non gay bars again. Not that I don’t love Diva’s, but one other option of a place to go and dance wouldn’t kill anyone. Baggy pants would be in style again! Everyone sees the appeal in pants with a nice fitting bum, lower rise and wide legs right? The death of little thugs. I’m sure adults hated it when my generation was running around in clothes that didn’t fit with crazy coloured hair and huge jewelry, but at least you couldn’t see our underwear and we didn’t think guns were cool. I find myself wanting to run around the school and hug the little emo/indie kids just for not buying into the whole sex culture thing. That and asking them what’s they’re listening to (I’ve been hard up for new music) and asking them not to cut themselves. It’s a complicated kind of love.

So Lance, I know you were hoping this whole “gay member of N’Sync” thing would blow right over, but you have a social responsibility here. Step up!

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Tams said...

Yes... JT did it. He brought Sexy back. It was gone for a bit... lol.