Thursday, September 07, 2006

hey marauders how do you feel?

It was pep rally day today. After teaching elsewhere for 3 years now, it made me happy that pep rallies are still as big of a deal as they used to be. Going into others schools and seeing such boring, abysmal pep rallies made me question if I just went to school during a lucky 4 years. People looked at me like I was crazy when I told "tall tales" of how fun, funny and involved pep rallies were back in my day. Hoorah, the tradition continues. Of course technology has added a few perks and a few glitches, but overall it was well done. It would appear that I'm not a very good tatooer - I failed to notice they had plastic on them...

We also held out first Human Rights/GSA meeting today. I was blown away. 25ish kids showed up with more to come. The girl who runs it is totally amazing. She's more intelligent and well spoken than most of the adults I know, myself included. She ran the meeting like she'd been teaching for years, and was up to date on current issues like no one I know. The rest of the kids were eager and had great ideas. Last year they raised 15K to bring over 2 kids from Congo to reunite them with their siblings who attended our school. 15K? This is totally aside from our school charity. On top of the fundraisers they run, they do awareness activities in the school AND were all eager to pick a local focus (on top of the international one) so they could get out in the community and volunteer. Whoa.

I also got the green light to start up a Youth Action Circle. Whoot. I have a feeling I won't have nearly the troubles I did last year getting kids engaged.

On top of all this I will be getting my very own hole punch and stapler. This may sound silly, but when I asked for them at the office I was once again treated like an alien.

We feel so good, huh! we feel so good, huh!


bag marla said...

Yay Youth Action Circle! I vote that you call it a Youth Launch group instead though! ;)

So happy for you!

chelle said...

I'm going to let the kids decide what to call it :)