Monday, August 28, 2006

i heart strep

All the paint fumes really started to get to me after awhile. I was tired, headachey and even started having a sore throat. I was pretty happy attributing all of this to living in a house full of melamine paint for a week and a half. Until the mold showed up. The mold that likes to grow on the back of my tonsils.

Doctor time. As much as I love my doctor, it's getting a little ridiculous that it takes 3 months to get a physical and over a week to get an appointment with her. When could you ever wait a week to see your doctor if you were actually sick? Luckily she works in a building with a fairly competent on call staff, so I didn't have too much of a problem with seeing not my doctor.

He is shocked at the pus-yness of my tonsils. I still prefer to call it mold, but I guess in the medical world it's technically pus. Yum. Anyway, he's more surprised that I think it's normal. Seriously, when I looked at my tonsils the morning of I thought they looked pretty darn good for me, and was only going to the doctor so soon cause I knew what they would look like in a day or two. He starts skirting around the idea of me having my tonsils out. NEVER has this been proposed to me as an idea. How to tell who's the crazy doctors? Anyway, we start discussing symptoms and he starts talking mono.

Mono? Dude, did you fail to read in my file that I'm a teacher? A teacher that goes back to work in less than a week? Mono isn't really an option here. Unfortunately with the way I've been feeling, it almost makes sense. He swabs my throat, writes me a prescription and sends me for bloodwork.

I spend the next two days sleeping, finishing my kitchen with much difficulty (hang one door, sit and rest. repeat) and not prepping for school. Two days later I am feeling much better, though still quite sick, but have not gotten any phone calls from the clinic.

For once, I heart you strep throat. You hit me hard, but you're not mono.

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