Saturday, August 19, 2006

Makeover makeover...

So I decided something needed to be done about my ugly kitchen. Seeing as I'm unemployed and not receiving a paycheck til the end of Sept, that something needed to be cheap. Paint is cheap. All the reno shows I watch have taught me that you can indeed paint ugly away. Or you can make a significant improvement anyway. With that in mind I decided to paint pretty much every surface in my kitchen. If you could paint fridges and stoves I probably would have done that too. For now, it's walls and cabinets.

Part 1: Prep

Turns out I like patching walls. It's fun. There was quite a lot to patch and I kinda cheaped out and didn't do it all. Honestly who is standing on my countertop critiquing the paint between the cabinets and the ceiling. So far no one, and I think it should stay that way. I'm also pretty decent at sanding after the patching, having had a lot of experience when we first painted in my condo. Walls were the easy part.

Ugh. Cabinets. Require a ridiculous amount of screws for their hinges. Sanding the wood piece to "scuff" it wasn't too bad thanks to my dad's "friend" who thought to lend me an awesome foam sanding wedge that just so happened to fit perfectly in the handle part. Yay Lynn!

The cleaning of the cabinets sucked. Lots. If you ever think you may want to paint your cabinets may I recommend that you remind yourself to clean them on a 6 month basis? Not just the front of them, backs too. I figure the front part must be obvious to wipe down, but it's the rest of the cabinet that just keep on silently collecting grossness. My best hope is that paint sticks to clean dirt, cause it's not going anywhere. This dirt has become one with the cupboards. Rinse, dry, tape. The taping was kinda fun, but I've always liked playing with tape.

We're all ready to go for paint now.

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