Wednesday, August 23, 2006

i prolly shouldn't have

...but I did. It was about a year and a half ago when I first saw them and tried them on. THE most amazing pair of jeans I've ever had on. They fit perfect in the bum and legs. They also were had a neat lime green-ish wash to them - not too much to make them look weird, just enough to make them unique. Adding to their uniqueness was the waist band - it sits higher on one side. Surprisingly this looks good on me.

When I first saw them they were on sale, for 150$. Ouch. That's not really a sale in my world. In fact, it's more than I'm willing to pay for anything at regular price. I left them, but kept thinking of the magic jeans. I went back a few months later to see if they still had them and/or if they'd gone more on sale. Horreur! They'd come off sale. At 235$ they would not be part of my wardrobe anytime soon.

For a year I've continued to think of them, and want them. I was in Ultimo this week because of a really cute jacket they had on the mannequin in the window (not in my size) - the jeans were still there and on sale for 50% off. They still fit great, I sucked it up and bought them. After a year and a half of still wanting them I figure I'll wear them enough to justify the price.

Tomorrow I will have my jeans - they alter them in the waist for a custom fit, mucho excellent considering everything I ever like gapes in the waist.

Here is what they look like (photos courtesy of someone on ebay). No fear, they look much better on me than on said person's floor.


Not So French Girl said...

I approve. What me ? Your cheap friend ? Yes I do. If you have wanted them this long, you should have them. As well, you bought them on sale. I try to say that if I wear an article enough that it costs 5$ or less per wearing, it's a good buy. And I know you, you don't dry your jeans so it will be good. Put a picture of you in the jeans on line. Only waste down if you're all about the privacy on the internet.

dave said...

i like the buttons in the front the way they're off to the side.

chelle said...

thanks guys! it's nice to be supported in your indulgences :P

bag marla said...

i approve. you can't put a price on good jeans, i think...jeans never fit me i say yay!